Rs. 3700 CRORES SCAM,,,,

Rs. 3700 CRORES SCAM,,,,

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@Ajay Rana Online Scam Exposed: 7 Lakh People Cheated for Rs.3700 Cr

Ablaze Info Solutions regularly changes the name to escape from the scam. Along with this company, there are some more companies that are dupe people are: “,,,,”

UP Special Task Force has caught one of the biggest online frauds in Noida state. As per the reports, the police claims that around Rs. 3,500 crore Noida Online Fraud has been caught under the online trading. In recent times this has become one of the crimes in the social trading.

The Uttar Pradesh Police arrested three people who involve in the online trading fraud, and they are undergoing the investigation process. According to the preliminary investigation revealed by the police states that the company named Ablaze Info Solutions Limited, situated in Noida Sector-63 duped around 7 lakh people.

From the 7 lakh people they have collected the total investment of approximately Rs. 3,700 crore under the ‘Earn Rs. 5 per click scheme‘. The suspects of Noida Online Fraud have run an online website named where they collected the amount of Rs, 5,750 to Rs. 57,500 into the company’s bank account to become the member.

The company attracted the people by implementing the scheme to earn Rs. 5 per click and finally frauded the people who invested. The UP Police said that they have tracked around Rs. 500 crores and announced that they have already seized the company’s bank account.

However, the company regularly changes the name to escape from the scam. Along with this company, there are some more companies that are dupe people are,,,

Police seized their bank account and they are able to track 500 crores of transactionsand temporarily their bank account is freeze for further investigation.

A big lesson people from India should learn now, there is “NO” legit free and easy Online money making system available on the Internet. So please stay away from such companies and friends who says you will make free money online without any work. There are many companies works same as Social Trade with the same concept who asks you to pay initial money and give you some bucks in return so that you will tell about them to your friends and family and ask them to make an investment. Finally, they stop paying after few days once you sent them enough referrals. Such schemes are 100% Scams, and kindly stay away from websites and business models like Social Trade Biz.

If you are one who invested on this Social Trade, kindly file a police complaint in your nearby police station to claim and get your money back from the fraudsters account.

Please share this useful news with your friends and family, save them from falling to this Social Trade trap and save their har earned money.

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