Manveer Gurjar Jailed Because Of This Reason! Read The Full Story Here

Manveer Gurjar Jailed Because Of This Reason! Read The Full Story Here

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Last Sunday, Manveer Gurjar won the most coveted title of Bigg Boss season 10 winner. There had been many speculations about his winning the competition. People were very curious as to who will lag behind in this interesting competition. Although many were quite sure that Bani Judge will win the show but that did not happen. Some also believed that it is Manveer who’s worth the recognition. But apparently, Manveer has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. News of Manveer Gurjar jailed are making headlines.

But what is this very reason that is creating fuss all around? As a commoner, he entered the Bigg Boss house with a dream to win the reality show like many others. And things went the way he wanted. Future was so bright ahead of him when he finally won the competition. But what happened all of a sudden that his life took such a bad turn.

Some believe that he could end up in jail for this reason. Let’s see what’s the reason behind Manveer Gurjar jailed after achieving such stardom.

Earlier, some news articles were released claiming that Manveer had been married years ago. A video surfaced on the Internet which created chaos among people.

Now he is up again for another trouble. And this time it is concerned with Law. Recently, Noida Police lodged a complaint against Manveer under section 341 of the IPC. It deals with the Punishment for wrongful restraint.

After his winning the reality show, it was party time. And Manveer close allies and family had thrown a felicitation ceremony for him at a park in sector 46, Noida. But soon things took a bad turn when the invitees started exceeding the presumed number.

His friends had taken permit for 40 vehicles for parking in the park’s premises. However, the number of vehicles parked were unbelievably great. Over a thousand vehicles turned up at the party and created rukus in that area.

Eventually, as it was Manveer’s party, he took full responsibility of everything. However, the police have assured everyone that he will only be called to complete some basic formalities. According to section 341, it levies an imprisonment or a fine or both in such cases.

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