World’s 10 Sexiest Football Players Who Will Make You Forget Beckham

World’s 10 Sexiest Football Players Who Will Make You Forget Beckham

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Football or football game, however, you decision it, is one in every of the foremost in style and well-admired sports. In fact, The 2014 FIFA World Cup was the world’s most viewed sports events with 1+ billion world population standardization on to fancy the finals. With an enormous audience base and media covering each move, it becomes extremely necessary for the soccer players to appear sensible. tho’ each player has his approach of presenting himself within the field, the below 10 have grabbed the hearts of millions for not solely the approach they play however conjointly for his or her distinct body and distinctive face. Have a glance.

10 Hottest Soccer Players In The World

Listed below are ten sexiest soccer players, Who have an incredible physique, nice vogue, and in fact, drool-worthy appearance.

10. Georgio Samaras

  • Birth Date – 21 February 1985
  • Height – 6.2”


Credit: missmalini

Georgio could be a left striker/winger, World Health Organization is usually complimented for his Greek God like appearance. Despite his amiable temperament, a YouTube video created him a ‘star’. He carried his fan (an eleven-year-old boy named Jay Beatty) in his arms and walked delightfully on the enjoying field. Fans simply dear this, and it shortly became infective agent on the web with over one million views.

9. Sebastian Larsson

  • Birth Date – 6 June 1985
  • Height – 5.8”

Sexiest Footballers


Sebastian could be a jock hailing from the country of Scandinavian nation. With an excellent height, blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and charming appearance, this Swedish player forever manages to form on the highest ten handsome football game players list. individuals usually decision him the right Scandinavian boy. Earlier, he played for Arsenal & Birmingham City but now he plays for Sunderland (Premier League Club) and Sweden National Team.

8. Cesc Fabregas

  • Birth Date – 4 May 1987
  • Height – 5.7”

hottest football player


Cesc could be a Spanish footballer, who has recently joined Chelsea. Since then, he has flourished and shone with different superstars within the club. From an excellent player to being handsome, this young hunk has all that it takes to be a participant. simply Google for a few shirtless photos of Fabregas and you may acumen a handsome man seems like.

7. Yoann Gourcuff

  • Birth Date – 11 July 1986
  • Height – 6.0”

hottest football players in the world


Tall, young, handsome, terrific as a player, and to prime it all – he’s French. What else do i have to be compelled to qualify because the hottest soccer player? He has attained several trophies and even won the title – Player of the Year in 2009. happiness from Bretagne, France, it’s like sports runs in his family. His elder brother, mother and father all are joined to different sports. Yoann could be a fantastic midfielder and plays for the team Olympique Lyonnais. Talking concerning his temperament, he has everything to form a heart soften. girls square measure crazy when his dark frizzly locks, brown eyes, physique, and in fact, his stunning smile.

6. Sergio Ramos

  • Birth Date – 30 March 1986
  • Height – 6.0”

sexy football players


Sergio could be a known Spanish participant. He represents the state Team of Espana and even plays for Real Madrid as a defender. His accomplishments to date are nice. He has been the Index Winner of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and has won the title of l.  a. Liga Best Defender in 2014. Besides a promising career, he contains a attractive look. The Spaniard is undeniably a satisfying treat to the eyes. Earlier he accustomed have long hairs however currently he has modified to a clean look, that has created him even additional handsome.

5. Xabi Alonso

  • Birth Date – 25 November 1981
  • Height – 6.0”



Xabi used to be the Real Madrid Hero once. He has even played for Liverpool. However, he now plays for Bayern Munich. Xabi is a marvelous Spanish midfielder. His passing abilities and performances on the football field are getting better every time. Apart from being a fabulous player, he is also one of the most handsome football players in the world. He has been the face for many renowned magazines in America and Europe.

4. Ricardo Kaka

  • Birth Date – 22 April 1982
  • Height – 6.1”


Credit: koolkaka & motorsport

Ricardo could be a hot blazing Brazilian World Health Organization plays for the team Real Madrid. once he was nineteen, he displayed his marvelous skills by enjoying for metropolis. economic expert scored thirty goals in his initial 2 seasons, that attracted several European squads to recruit this young gun. however AC Milano convinced him to bond with their team. However, it had been shortly once Real Madrid entered and signed Kaka for a banging £65 million (2nd most extremely priced transfer in soccer history).

3. Olivier Giroud

  • Birth Date – 30 September 1986
  • Height – 6.2”



Olivier plays for Arsenal (English Premier League) and National squad of France. except being an incredible striker within the field, he will modeling similarly. In fact, he was the face of the foremost in style and overpriced fragrance complete novelist Boss. He was even voted mutually of the most popular soccer players of the Premier League in 2015.

2. Radamel Falcao

  • Birth Date – 10 February 1986
  • Height – 5.8”


Credit: wolexis

Radamel plays for the team Chelsea similarly as represents the Columbian National squad. usually nicknamed because the “European League’s King”, he’s a stimulating player. He was honored because the GQ Espana Best sportswoman of the year (2012) and Globe Best footballer (2012). With an enthralling temperament and engaging appearance, he’s listed mutually of the sexiest soccer players within the sports world.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Birth Date – 5 February 1985
  • Height – 6.0”

football players

Credit: pixelstalk

Does this handsome man actually need associate introduction? one in every of the foremost authorized  Portuguese football game players, Cristiano Ronaldo, is so the sexiest in sports city. He has everything to what it takes to be a legendary participant. He was reported  to be one in every of the most costly players in football game history once he joined Real Madrid. They paid him a colossal £80 million.

sexiest soccer players

sexiest soccer players
Since 2009, as a true Madrid player, Cristiano has scored 197 goals in 176 matches. Since 2003, as a Portuguese Republic player, he has scored fifty two goals in 118 matches. With several trophies and awards in his bag, he’s one in every of the best footballers within the world. With all the success and fame behind, he has nice appearance too. His splendidly structured face, piercing eyes, and horny form will build any lady astonied.

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