Facebook + WhatsApp : Will You Let Yourself To Be Spied?

Facebook + WhatsApp : Will You Let Yourself To Be Spied?

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Already Facebook has 1.2 billion folks worldwide and little question, its increasing in each single day. currently it’s horizons area unit even extended with the recent purchase of WhatsApp courier for $19 billion. Obviously, you want to have detected regarding this hot trade speak. Haven’t you?

But, What might be the important Reason Behind This expensive Acquisition?

When compare to Facebook, the usage of WhatsApp is raising chop-chop.On June 13,2013 WhatsApp has proclaimed that they’d reached their target of process twenty seven billion messages per day. currently it’s over two hundred million active users. there’ll not be any surprise if it gets even one billion users in mere a handful of months. It’s the explanation expressed by Mark Zuckerberg for this acquisition. however what’s the truth? Here is our analysis.

WhatsApp guarantees its users that in no manner they’ll promote and sell ads. therefore clearly WhatsApp business model is entirely totally different and can not match with the business model of Facebook. Then however Facebook goes to require back its large investment of $19 Billion? specialists believe that Facebook can go back to this investment through mining the info from WhatsApp.

As we have a tendency to all understand Facebook already has enough experience during this field and that they hold stunning quantity knowledge|of knowledge|of information} in their data warehouses all gayly provided by its users. Caution! the subsequent figures could spin your eye balls. a day we have a tendency to send ten billion Facebook non-public, chat messages and transfer minimum of 350 million footage (all area unit fresh). What additional is, to support its business we have a tendency to hit “Like” button for four.5 billion times on a daily basis. So far, seventeen billion Geo-tagged posts, 250 billion personal + common footage area unit staggering on Facebook.

These all knowledge clearly state that Facebook is aware of you well over any your best friends do. It is aware of what area unit your interests, who area unit your best friends and what their interests area unit, what your likes and dislikes, whether or not you’re during a relationship, time you’re being additional active, once is your birthday, your friend’s birthday ,where you’re presently in and lots of additional.

Do you suppose these info aren’t comfortable for any industrial company like Facebook? after all, it’s solely stared to leverage these awful ton of data. however even it’s all users like ourselves have quit their account from Facebook they’ll be still left with additional info than all alternative industrial corporations exist within the universe. computer program large Google could come back nearer, however definitely they don’t have our elaborated personal info.

Recent tries created by the Facebook knowledge science team has discovered the facility of knowledge analysis. With all knowledge we have a tendency to provided to Facebook, currently they can predict once a user falls gaga and once he will break the relation even before he notice. Who knows, in future we have a tendency to could even get automatic timeline updates like dynamic the link standing from “single” to “in relationship”.

These insights emerge from the series of messages and posts that were updated by the users before they rush to commit. fascinating Huh?

It doesn’t finish here anyway. There area unit ton additional. By simply analyzing the likes we have a tendency to hit on Facebook, they’ll do big selection of correct predictions on our sensitive attributes. Researches conducted at the Microsoft analysis and Cambridge clearly incontestible however they’ll accurately predict your personal unuttered data like alcohol usage, your relationship standing, dug usage, life satisfaction level, your sexual orientation, philosophy, race, intelligence and also the several. you’ll get additional predictions from here

Consider Facebook’s new search queries supported within the linguistic communication like “Friend of friends who have liked/ visited/ counseled restaurants in Loss Angels. of these queries come correct results. Haven’t you get plan on the amount of intelligence Facebook has in knowledge mining?

So, wouldn’t this experience tempt Facebook to mine the text, multimedia system messages sent by the ever increasing population of WhatsApp users? If this can be not true, why would Facebook invest $19 billion dollar?

Just imagine the unimaginable outcome of mining the WhatsApp messages. clearly our WhatsApp messages can offer the knowledge on who we have a tendency to area unit causation the foremost messages, reasonably footage we have a tendency to share, what we have a tendency to area unit taking regarding the foremost etc.

Facebook claims that these a pair of massive players can still operate severally of every alternative. however I don’t suppose this condition can last for long. However, unless otherwise Facebook integrates the practicality of WhatsApp courier with its social networking, we can say that this company will run a pair of competitive product below one roof. will this create sense?

Just recently Facebook was suspect of violating the Electronic communications privacy act for scanning & exploiting the non-public message contents that area unit sent via Facebook. therefore once it involves WhatsApp, what if they repeat the same?

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