10 Important Google Urls That Every Google User Should Know

10 Important Google Urls That Every Google User Should Know

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As a Google user you’ll have asked of these queries yourself. Is there any thanks to see the ads clicked alone in Google? however Google sees Maine and my interests? the way to get the list of search terms I ever written within the search box and plenty of a lot of. you think it don’t seem to be, answers to all or any these queries square measure hidden within your Google Dashboard.

All you wish to try and do is reaching the proper computer address. Check out the below ten urls and acquire answered to all or any your queries.

No 1 : Create Google Account Without A Google Id

We all know the regular Google account register with @gmial.com user id. Don’t we? however what if you wish to use any non Google id (rediff, outlook, yahoo etc) to register Google Account?

The below computer address makes it potential. during this register method you’ll use your any existing email account user name.


No 2 : How Google Keeps You In Its Records

You may surprise however Google shows a lot of relevant ads to your interests while not expressly asking your age, gender and preferences. It ne’er asks expressly however it gathers all such data by visiting your Google + account, your most frequent searches and different deserves. to understand however Google sees you, visit the computer address given here.


No 3 : There’s A Way To Grab A Copy Of  Your Google Data

Google helps you to export all of your information from its sixteen product which has contacts, Gmail messages, +1s, Google+ circles, Bookmarks, Google photos and even the YouTube videos

To grab a duplicate visit : https://www.google.com/takeout

No 4 : How To Remove Your Own Contents From Other Sites?

Sometimes you’ll see your own content or copy righted pictures showing on different websites. In such cases, you’ll file a DMCA criticism with our program large Google against that specific web site.You can either have the content removed from the site or block that entire site appearing from the Search results.

To do this, the web site you complain should use one or a lot of Google product. as an example blogger, Adsense, Youtube, Google+ and therefore the several.

Get your content removed mistreatment the computer address : https://support.google.com/legal

No 5. How To Get Your Location History?

Regardless of whether or not or not you would like to send your location information to Google, if any of the Google product is signed-in in your robot device, it’ll begin to send your entire relocation history along side the velocity( whereas moving) to the Google servers. you’ll take this history as KML files at any time mistreatment the computer address I cited below. These files is viewed within Google Drive or Google Earth.


No 6 : See Your Search Terms From The Day 1

Google became our all time companion. At times, we tend to square measure firing even the foremost absurd and funny queries. Wouldn’t or not it’s cool if we’ve got how to trace back all the search terms we’ve got entered ever since in its search box? Google even maintains a log of ads you have got clicked from the day one of your register.

To track your search terms, head over to the computer address : https://history.google.com

No 7 : Never Lose Your Secondary Gmail Accounts

On a mean all folks maintain ten or a lot of Google accounts. As time passes by, we tend to forget the smallest amount used accounts and break down entirely. Google needs the users to sign up to their Gmail accounts a minimum of once for each nine months.

You can simply maintain multiple Google Accounts by setting your main account because the active one for your secondary Google accounts. If you are doing therefore, few months once Google can send you the reminders to login to your associated secondary accounts. This feature isn’t on the market for Google Apps anyway.

To utilize this feature visit : https://www.google.com/settings/account/inactive

No 8 : Inspect Who Else Uses Your Google Account

If you’re disturbed concerning whether or not somebody else is mistreatment your Google Account, scrutinize your activity reports that keeps the log of every and each device that square measure wont to sign up your Google Account. It conjointly offers you a track on the IP address and approximate geographic locations etc.

Although it shows your account is employed in some suspicious location, there’s no thanks to remotely close the Google session.

To get a much better track on your Google Account visit the below computer address


No 9 : Track The Web Apps That Have Access To Your Google Data

Sometimes we tend to register browser extensions, mobile apps and Google scripts mistreatment our Google Account. a number of them have scan and/or write permission to our Google information. you’ll get this long list by visiting the computer address


No 10 : Quick Solution To Your Google Apps Account Hacking

Android apps offer a bigger area for the hacking of Google Apps accounts simply. If you ever feel that your Google apps account is hacked, you’ll create use of this secret link to reset your administrator watchword. throughout the reset method, you’ll be prompted to verify your domain name. you’ll accomplish this by making CNAME record in your DNS.


Here you have to replace the domain.com with the your own domain name.

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