18 Mind-Blowing Facts About Facebook

18 Mind-Blowing Facts About Facebook

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There is barely an individual within the western world United Nations agency hasn’t detected of Facebook – the most important on-line social-networking service on the world. whether or not they ar sharing photos with their friends, posting a standing concerning however they’re feeling or tagging themselves at a venue to indicate precisely what they’re up to, the world’s population became keen about social media – and most significantly Facebook.

Launched by Mark Zuckerberg in Feb 2004, in very little over a decade Facebook has gone on to dominate the net social-networking market – and there are not any signs of its fast growth swiftness down anytime before long.

Facebook’s corporate executive Zuckerberg – beside his university roommates Eduardo Saverin, saint McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes – established the web site for his or her fellow Harvard students, however eventually distended it to the final Bean Town space then to the globe.

But what we tend to|can we|will we} we really comprehend Facebook? that world-famous Hollywood actor, as an example, was the inspiration behind initial|the initial} “face” within the website’s first logo? What various name was Facebook’s “like button” virtually given? And, with Facebook giving its users over sixty languages to decide on from, what’s the most-unusual ones individuals will set their account to?

Well, here ar eighteen mind-blowing facts concerning the largest social-networking web site within the world, Facebook.

18. There Are More Than 600,000 Hacking Attempts Made To Facebook Accounts On A Daily Basis

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So large is Facebook today that the world’s most-prolific hackers build thousands and thousands of makes an attempt to hack into accounts on a daily basis – 600,000 actually.

That’s 4.2million every week, 16.8million a month, and 219million each single year. Crazy, isn’t it?

Safe to counsel things don’t seem to be as safe on Facebook as you would possibly have thought, if there is that several individuals making an attempt to induce your data…

17. Allegedly Facebook Continues To Track Every Single Site You Visit… Even Once You’ve Signed Out

Facebook Graphs

Facebook could have denied this, however self-proclaimed hacker Nik Cubrilovic remains convinced that the web site will track your on-line habits – even though you are not logged into your account.

Cubriolovic alleges that as shortly as your sign off of Facebook, the web site alters its chase cookies, however doesn’t delete them – which means they will still still track specifically what you’re doing once water sport world wide web.

Big Brother is usually looking at..

16. Myspace Rejected The Opportunity To Buy Facebook For £50million ($75million) In 2004

In early-2004, Facebook approached Myspace and gave their on-line social-networking rivals the chance to shop for them – for simply £50million ($75million), corresponding to £64million ($93million) these days.

The reason for turning them down? as a result of it absolutely was apparently too high-ticket a business venture to give up that kind of money.

To put that into perspective, in February 2015 Facebook’s market value was £145billion ($212billion) – over 2,900 times the worth Myspace would have required to possess purchased the social network eleven years antecedently.

15. Facebook Can Be Viewed In More Than 60 Languages… Including Pirate And “English Upside Down”

Pirate Flag Gif

Facebook users will read their account in additional than sixty languages, as well as the traditional English (UK), English (US), French, German and even Azerbaijani – however there ar some extraordinarily off-the-wall languages too.

For example, Facebook users will arrange to have their entire Facebook in “English top side Down” – that will specifically because it says on the tin, with all the words being flipped the wrong way up.

More off-the-wall, however, is that “Pirate” could be a language of alternative – which {means|that means} phrases like “yeee harrrr” and “shiver me timbers” seem everyplace. Strange however true..

14. With 1.4billion Active Users, Facebook Has More Than Twitter, WhatsApp And Instagram Combined

Facebook has captive into a very totally different layer once it involves the quantity of users it’s – reaching the 1.4billion mark in 2014.

To put that into perspective, WhatsApp has roughly 500million users, Twitter 290million and Instagram 200million. which means that though you add all of their users along, they are doing not reach a billion in total – and would still be quite 400million in need of Facebook’s total.

What’s additional, Facebook also now owns Instagram and WhatsApp – having acquired the picture-sharing service and therefore the instant-messaging application for a combined £14billion ($20billion).

13. Facebook Is Banned In China… Even Though Mark Zuckerberg Is Extremely Highly-Regarded In The Far East

china fb

Facebook has been creating nice strides worldwide – except in places like China, wherever the web site has been illegal on many occasions.

First illegal within the way jap nation in 2009, Facebook is allowed within the Shanghai trade Zone – however obscurity else within the country.

Despite this Facebook ban, however, the company’s chief operating officer Mark Zuckerberg is extraordinarily highly-respected in China – and has even been observed because the nation’s “Internet Tsar”. Zuckerberg, speaking partly in Mandarin, even visited the state in October 2014 and hosted a Q&A session in support of China’s burgeoning entrepreneurial market.

Zuckerberg even declared: “I wish them (Facebook staff) to grasp socialism with Chinese characteristics.” a wierd relationship exists between the 2, that is evidently

12. Al Pacino Was The Original “Face” Used By Facebook

For the primary 3 years of Facebook’s existence – together with once it absolutely was “TheFacebook.com” – the company’s original “face” concerned a blue figure within the top-left-hand corner of the location.

Featured on the web site between 2004 and 2007, it absolutely was later unconcealed that the figure was a young Al Pacino “covered with a fog of ones and zeros – the elementary parts of digital media”.

A major design saw Pacino’s silhouette removed in 2007, and therefore the questionable “Facebook guy” figure has ne’er came.

11. More People Use Facebook In The USA Than Voted In The Last American Presidential Election

A total of 129,085,403 individuals voted throughout the 2012 U.S.A. Presidential Election – a turnout of fifty eight.2% of the yankee citizens. Yet, incredibly, a lot of individuals area unit currently on Facebook within the USA than voted that year.

There area unit believed to be near 140million Facebook users within the U.S.A. – and, seeing because the population is roughly 320million, meaning that nearly 1/2 people who board the U.S.A. use the social-networking web site currently.

10. Mark Zuckerberg Chose Blue As Facebook’s Primary Colour… Because He Is Colourblind

It may be placeable everywhere the planet these days owing to its blue background and white writing however creator Mark Zuckerberg did not simply select the color as a result of he had a passion for it – however as a result of he’s red-green colourblind.

Yes, Facebook’s creator needed a color that he might simply recognise and work with, and not risk incorrectly viewing the incorrect shade..

9. There Are 1.4billion Facebook Accounts… More Than The Population Of China


China is that the country with the most important population on the world with 1.36billion natives – nonetheless even that’s still 40million in need of the amount of users Facebook has as of April 2015.

The 1.4billion Facebook users really compose concerning 2 hundredth of the world’s seven.3billion population – that means each fifth person is on the social-networking web site.

Talk about one thing apace usurping the world…

8. Facebook Was Floated On The Stock Exchange For The First Time In 2012… At The Largest-Ever New Valuation Of £71billion ($104billion)

When Facebook 1st became a public company in could 2012, shares were offered at a value of $38 (£26) – and therefore the company was valued at $104billion (£71billion).

This initial floatation worth created it the highest-ever newly-listed public company.

Facebook shares ar currently price over $80 (£55) a bit – and therefore the company surpassed the $200billion ($137billion) valuation in Gregorian calendar month 2015, putting it eighteenth on Forbes’ most-powerful brands list.

7. More Than A Third Of Divorce Filings In The US In 2011 Contained The Word “Facebook”

Remove From Friends Facebook Gif

Almost everything looks to be moving on-line today – even wedding break-ups and divorces.

In 2011, quite a 3rd of all divorce filings within the USA contained a minimum of one regard to “Facebook” – with several grumbling of their partner gambol with others, creating derogative comments concerning them, or maybe simply gazing somebody else’s photos.

Marriage was ne’er alleged to have to be compelled to subsume Facebook.

6. Iceland Attempted To Alter Its Constitution By Getting Users’ Recommendations On Facebook

In 2013, Iceland came near passing the world’s most-inclusive and sweeping constitutional reform in history – however it narrowly didn’t do thus.

The triple-feature method tried to actively-engage the nation’s population within the re-writing of the constitution, together with by mistreatment Facebook.

A total of twelve drafts of a replacement constitution were placed on Facebook and anyone fascinated by the method was able to pass touch upon the text. quite three,600 comments were created concerning the 360 suggestions – and that they gave valuable input to the method.

Such a wide-ranging and constitutionally-pivotal means of mistreatment social media had ne’er been tried before – or since.

5. Adding “/4” On To The End Of Facebook’s URL Directs A User Straight To Mark Zuckerberg’s Wall

Mark Zuckerberg

Want to appear at what Mark Zuckerberg has been posting on his Facebook wall however cannot be fazed to go looking for his name?

Well, all you would like to try to to is add “/4” to the top of the Facebook URL – i.e. type “www.facebook.com/4′ – and you may be taken straight to his wall.

4. There’s One Person You Cannot “Block” On Facebook… And That’s Mark Zuckerberg


As if Mark Zuckerberg did not have a decent enough life because it was what with him being one in every of the richest individuals on the earth conjointly the} reality his Facebook wall is accessed by merely typewriting “/4” – he also cannot suffer the dishonor of being “blocked” on the social network.

If Zuckerberg has supplementary you as an addict otherwise you have accepted his request, you can not then block the Facebook chief operating officer – notwithstanding he was to mention one thing derogatory regarding you..

3. The “Like” Button Was Going To Be Called “Awesome”

The “thumbs up” image on Facebook that enables users to “like” different people’s statuses, photos, and the other content is one in every of the website’s most-used and more-recognisable options – however it nearly had a awfully completely different name.

Originally, the “like” howeverton was really planning to be known as the “awesome” button – but, when a lot of discussion, ti was launched in Gregorian calendar month 2010 with the name it’s still remarked as currently.

2. There Are More Than 1.8million New “Likes” Made On Facebook Every Single Minute

Facebook Like Gif

If the “like” button had truly been known as the “awesome” feature then is it doubtless that users would have ironed it over 1.8million each single minute?

Possibly, but we will never know the answer to that hypothetical question. What we do know is 1.8million Facebook users “like” something every minute..

That’s 30,000 likes a second, 108million associate degree hour, 2.6billion each day, 18.1billion per week, 72.6billion a month, or 943.5billion a year. that is a euphemism of plenty of likes..

1. Mark Zuckerberg Voluntarily Dropped His Facebook CEO Annual Salary From More Than £345,000 ($500,000) In 2012 To £0.68 ($1) The Following Year

fb facts

Mark Zuckerberg is one among the world’s richest individuals – however his annual regular payment as CEO of Facebook is currently simply £0.68, or $1 a year.

Having taken home associate annual regular payment of £345,000 ($500,000) in 2012, Zuckerberg then set to hitch the “Dollar-a-year men” in 2013. With the likes of Steve Jobs and Michael Bloomberg additionally having taken annual salaries of only 1 dollar a year, it’s changing into a typical factor for yank CEOs – though these wages don’t embrace any shares they’re given or bonuses granted, which might typically total many million.

Still, Zuckerberg has associate calculable personal wealth of quite £17billion ($35billion) – therefore he is not specifically troubled for a bob or two.

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