Is Ramadan only about staying HUNGRY??- Powerful Message

Is Ramadan only about staying HUNGRY??- Powerful Message

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Ramadan is a lesson for us in Islam, it teaches us how to be grateful for the life and the provisions we have from Allah. It makes us think and reflect on those who are less fortunate than us and teaches us patience, love and how to be a humble and grateful human being. We need to learn these as Muslims.

Endeavor to show Patience even when you wake up to realize one day that you have nothing on you.

Show Love to love humanity and do not discriminate based on status but have compassion to help those in need.

Be Humble, to thank God for what we have and to never look down on anyone.

be Grateful, before everything you have is taken away

Ramadan also teaches us the definition of unity. We break our fast with other Muslims that we don’t know and we all eat from the same table, yes we are all from different cultures and backgrounds but Islam teaches us we are all one.

Ramadan teaches many things that are too long to mention. However, it’s not called “starving” ourselves for almost a day but it has a deeper meaning. Everything Allah makes us do as Muslims has a good reason.

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