Homes Of These Indian Celebrities Are As Amazing As They Are Expensive

Homes Of These Indian Celebrities Are As Amazing As They Are Expensive

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I’ve always wondered what the lifestyle of the rich and famous would be. Well perhaps not such a lot, however their homes appear pretty cool. sadly, we do not have a show like MTV Cribs in Asian country, thus we’ve to use our imagination. the homes of our celebrities price a bomb tho’, and also are pretty so much out.

Here’s the costs and details of some celebrity Indian houses!

1. Shah Rukh Khan

Cost: 125 to 150 crore

Shah Rukh’s disreputable home is named ‘Mannat’, which implies ‘ a vow to the gods’ and is found in Bandra. it’s inbuilt a neoclassic vogue and appears fancy as hell. The house conjointly includes a vi story building behind it, that explains the value..

2. Sachin Tendulkar

Cost: 90 to 100 crore

Another Bandra resident, Sachin’s house has some tripped out shell home impressed design, at the side of an entire ton of leafage. The home is meet virtually 9000 feet!

3. Mukesh Ambani

Cost: 1000 crore

I still cannot endure what quantity this house prices. Anyway, the house is known as ‘Antilia, when a legendary island on the ocean. it’s a dance palace, a theater and 6 stories for parking lots! It may face up to associate degree 8-Richter scale earthquake..

4. Amitabh Bachchan

Cost: Around 160 crore

The home wherever the Bachchan family presently stays is known as ‘Jalsa’ and is found in Juhu in city. The house covers around ten,125 sq. feet, that is pretty huge.

5. Vijay Mallya

Cost: 33 crore per condo

The Bangalore residing and brew fond Mallya own coraciiform bird towers on Vittal Mallya Road. The house appearance pretty dope, although his airlines have gone out of business.

6. John Abraham

Cost: 100 crore

John’s house includes a bunch of jacuzzis and and a theater seating around fifty folks. Basically, he is having a true experience at his house..


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