16 Most Expensive Cell Phones For Rich And Lavish Tycoons

16 Most Expensive Cell Phones For Rich And Lavish Tycoons

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There are certain times  & places where we are in the urge to prove our royalty to everyone in the room so that we can create an image of we are better than. Up as yet, standing image was established by owning luxurious Italian sports cars, luxurious home, watches, pricey laptops and even with a shiny set of jewelled tooth covers. Today, you’ll prove it with the foremost pricey cell phones that go along with a seven digits of hefty tag.

As we tend to are becoming a lot of hooked up to our cell phones over something within the world they changed into Associate in Nursing inevitable factor in our trendy life. Aside to full filling the essential communication necessities, these days they do everything what our pc will do. therefore there’s no surprise, as however cell phones have changed into standing icons. though you’ll cotton on for couple of dollars itself, there exists an extended list of costliest cell phones plated with gold and different precious jewels. Here could be a list of high seventeen luxurious cell phones to point out your loyalty.


No 16 :Ulysse Nardin Chairman 2



Designed by the Swiss watch manufacturer Ulysse Nardin, this chairman Smartphone comes with 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen which is made of sapphire crystal. It is designed with a special mechanical watch on the back. Technically, it’s a watch like kinetic rotor system (most expensive part) that act as an alternate power source. This mechanism is directly inherited from the wrist watches.

Spec sheet of Chairman 2 includes Ginger beard android operating system, 8 MP camera and 32 GB of internal storage. It features all advanced connectivity options.

Price : $49,500

No 15 : Vertu Signature Diamond

top rated most expensive cell phone

Designed by Vertu(luxury complete of Nokia), this totally functioning Vertu Signature Diamond is happened to hide with 923 expensive stones that clocks on a median of seven.2/cell. though the feature set of this modern high-ticket cellular phone isn’t therefore spectacular, it’s excellent for each men and girls WHO wish to underline their distinctive vogue to the remainder of the planet. Vertu primarily takes alternative|the alternative} approach of all other phone makes. rather than creating the cheaper ones they continuously prefer to turn out the high-ticket items. value of vertu handsets lie the vary $5100 to $350,000.

Do you assume that you simply ar shopping for a innovative fictional character like technology with this price? an enormous no no. solely recently, Vertu has incorporated the foremost elementary Bluetooth property to its cell phones. the items that creates Vertu Signature Diamond to identify a footing within the most costly cell phones list ar none aside from “the precious metals and fine Gems”.

Upon shopping for this high-priced cellular phone you’re conjointly gaining membership to the world’s most elite & elusive communities. Isn’t that cool?

Price : $88,300

No 14 : Nokia 8800 Arte With Pink Diamonds

top rated cell phone

Designed by Peter Aloisson who is a famous Austrian jeweler, this expensive cell phone is made of 18k white gold with more than 680 best quality white and pink diamonds.

Its spec  includes 2 inch scratch proof display, 3.15 MP camera, 3G connectivity, T9 predictive text input, 16 million colors with 240 x 320 pixels, 1 GB of non expandable memory, Bluetooth 2.0, mico USB and 3G connectivity

Price : $134,000

No 13 : Blackberry Porsche Design



Designed by Porsche, this blackberry phone is created of stainless-steel rather than the traditional plastic bottom. Real animal skin that wraps the battery cowl, QWERTY keyboard designed with metal, navigation button that is placed slightly below the screen these turned this costliest mobile phone into a watch catching one.

Its verbal description sheet embody BlackBerry seven.0 package, 768 MB RAM, eight GB of internal memory that is expandable up to thirty two GB microSD, 5MP camera incorporating the options like image stabilization, geo tagging, face detection and therefore the several. Porsche blackberry is powered by “1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 flower processor”. Specs ar additional almost like all alternative BB phones except here you’ll receive a premium courier PIN.

Price : $139,000

No 12 : iPhone Princess Plus

iphone princes plus - top rated cell phones

Luxed up by Australian jeweler Peter Aloisson,iPhone Princess Plus is the most expensive cell phone that is released exclusively for the people who have insatiable taste for lavishness.  Besides to the gold, this special iPhone comes with 180 normal brilliant cut diamonds and additional it has 138 princess cut diamonds from where this name came from. It weighs anywhere between  16.50 – 17.75. Feature sets of iPhone Princess Plus hardly have any difference from all other iPhones.

Price : $176,400

No 11 : BlackDiamond VIPN Smartphone

top rated cell phone

The thirteenth one that hits the list of most costly portable is, BlackDiamond VIPN Smartphone. Designed by Jaren Goh, this Sony Ericson’s adamant options polycarbonate mirror, organic semiconductor diode technology and mirror description. Since its Sony, it goes while not spoken communication nobody will beat is screen results. This high-priced mobile phone is meant with a pair of diamonds one is embedded within the place of navigation button and also the alternative at the rear of the phone.

Price : $300,000   

No 10 : Vertu Signature Cobra

most expensive cell phone

Designed by the notable French jeweller, Boucheron, Vertu signature elapid is created with one pear cut diamond, a pair of emerald eyes, one traditional spherical white diamonds & 439 rubies. attributable to the outrageous tag, this vertu signature phone has discharged solely beneath twenty units.  As this phone is created of eighteen carat gold and top quality ceramic technology, this is often four times sturdy than all different phones out there. explicit attention was given on the planning of snake and also the diamonds within which it’s laced with.

Price : $310,000

No 9 : Tag Heuer Racer

top rated most expensive cell phone

Tag Heuer wide noted for its luxury complete watches landed their foot prints within the mobile market too. These legends has return up with a fashionable telephone named “Tag Heuer Racer” that is formed of precious materials together with aeronautic-grade metal, stainless-steel and carbon fiber. Tag Heuer Racer is meant with a shock proof casing. however it’s not providing a water proof although. wherever it gets extremely fascinating is, this luxury phone is claimed to supply a 3D interface. different specs embody one gigacycle processor, five MP camera and latest automaton code.

Price : $350,000

No 8 : Vertu Ferrari

most expensive cell phone

Designed by Luxury phone maker Vertu, this pricy mobile phone is product of sapphire crystal and atomic number 22. it’s conjointly designed with a tachometer-inspired clock. Ferrari engine coating & the animal skin trim adorned with a Ferrari emblem got this name Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari.

Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari could be a itinerant made by Vertu, the well-known company that’s specialised in planning luxurious phones equipped with distinctive components. The phone boasts a sapphire crystal data input device, a atomic number 22 battery cowl, and a tachometer-inspired clock. Trade mark of Cavallino Rampante is imprinted in stainless-steel on the atomic number 22 battery cowl.

Running on Symbian software system, specification sheet of Vertu Ferrari includes five MP camera, eight GB of internal memory which may be extended up to thirty two GB through MicroSd.

Price : $ 374, 000

No 7 : Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

most expensive cell phone

The one that hits our list of costliest cell phones at no eight is from a standard luxury French telephone supplier Gresso. This luxury phone is formed of solid gold that weighs around a hundred and eighty grams and it’s adorned fantastically with Egyptian black diamond’s. two hundred years previous African backwoods ar utilized in the rear panel and therefore the keyboard is meant with sapphire crystal. purpose to notice here is, African backwoods ar set to be the foremost pricey woods within the world. to this point solely three in demand items ar oversubscribed. Literally, to have one in all them, one should win the city Jackpot.

Price : $1 million

No 6 : Diamond Crypto Smart Phone

top rated most expensive mobile phones

Designed by the famous diamond encruster Peter Aloisson, Diamond crypto Smartphone is formed of fifty precious diamonds. ten of that square measure kind of rare blue diamonds. sceptered by the strong secret writing  technology, this million greenback phone conjointly offers a protection from the technical threats and snatch..

Price : $1.3 million

No 5 : GoldVish Le Million

GoldVish Le Million

Designed by the famous jewel designer Emmanuel Gueit, this luxury sensible phone has received Guinness record on the foremost high-priced cell phones/ mobile phones class. twenty carat VVS1 diamonds together with one8k pure metal makes this stunning 1.3 million high-priced mobile.

Price : $1/3 million.

No 4 : iPhone 3G Kings Button

most expensive mobile phone

Designed by world’s most famous designer Peter Aloisson, unfriendly budget iPhone 3G kings button is formed of 18k yellow, white and rose gold. This phone is additionally crustlike with 138 sensible diamond cuts. iPhone’s customary home button is been replaced by six.6 carat rare piece of diamonds that outshine’s all the previous efforts of Peter Aloission like what we’ve done on $1.3 diamond crypto Smartphone

Price : $2.4 million

No 3 : iPhone 3GS Supreme Goldstriker

top rated most expensive cell phones

At no 3, within the list of most costly cell phones for the made is, iPhone 3GS Supreme Goldstriker. Designed by Stuart Hughes of Goldstriker International, this phone wasn’t created for advertising. Instead, this $3.2 million value 3GS supreme sticker was created as a non-public order for Associate in Nursing Australian business man. If you wish to own one, you’ll get them however keep in mind if you strip off the gold and diamonds from this pricey piece, there remains solely the quality iPhone. No extra options.

Here is a rich half. embellished with fifty three diamonds and significant brick of gold, home button of this luxury phone is replaced with seven.1 carat diamond that makes it quite made from iPhone 3G king button. Apple brand here is adorned with the proper cut diamonds

Price : $3.2 million

No 2 : iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition

most expensive cell phone

As this luxury phone hits the 2nd place in our list, can you guess its price? Its $8,000,000. You didn’t read it wrongly. What you read is correct. Its 8 Million dollars only. It’s the 2nd most expensive cell phone designed exclusively for the rich tycoons. This luxury piece is made of precious metals like rose gold, platinum and diamond stones which makes this phone more beautiful. Design credit of this phone goes to Stuart Hughes

Price : $8 million

No 1 : iPhone 5 Black Diamond

most expensive mobile phones

It’s the world’s most costly mobile phone and this could be reached solely by the people that don’t have any if’s, and’s or but’s in their lexicon. If you wish to afford it, you’ve got to interrupt your pocketbook with $15.3 Million greenback.

Designed by Designed by Stuart Hughes this iPhone five carbonado is adorned with 600 good cut white diamonds, thirty two diamonds out of 600 area unit placed round the solid gold apple brand at the rear. Screen is formed of twenty four carat pure gold and sapphire glass. commonplace home button is replaced with the white diamonds as all told alternative luxury iPhones


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