Top 10 DIY Cute Nail Designs

Top 10 DIY Cute Nail Designs

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Women like to look good, pretty, and exquisite all the time. that’s why salons keep cash. you may see them principally occupied with ladies obtaining haircuts, hair dyes, and different hair and skin treatments. And now, salons provide cute nail styles too. There ar such a large amount of nail art concepts and styles to settle on from. I even have listed a couple of here. Take a glance.

It is safe to mention that nail styles are a decade recent trend nonetheless a lot of of a standing image. shortly past, nail art has developed into less difficult styles that you simply will do reception notwithstanding you’re not a nail art wizard. simply painting your nails red currently don’t seem to be enough any longer. There ar some creative and simple nail styles to rework your nail painting into real nail art. you must strive these creative fashion trend. You don’t have to be compelled to quit and obtain specific tools and products; you merely have to be compelled to have some motivations.

To air trend, take a glance at our high ten cute nail styles that you simply will do reception.

1.Awesome Angles

best nail designs

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You don’t have to search further if you are looking for a new way to wear your favorite polish colors. The simpler, the better. The parts should be elegant and edgy like a good old-fashioned manicure with a twist.

2.Seeing Stripes


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This striped negative space manicure has a cool and colorful design that are not too loud. You have to form a v shape at the base of your nail and switch it up to give it a new and fresh look. Just flip the design and make it more complicated by incorporating negative space and leave the rest of nails bare.

3.Trendy Triangles


Source : loveandleather

To give your nails a unique and monochromatic twist, try alternating the black and white triangles. Nowadays, Aztec and tribal patterns are very popular because they are so easy to do and it has a cool look and graphic as well.

4.Chic Cutouts


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This minimal update of the half moon manicure is the best of both worlds. It is pretty, edgy, and fresh. Go for a nice straight line and add some studs.

5.Over The Moon


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This little twist on the trend proves that less is more. Inspired by the classic half moon design, the lanula is painted while the rest of the nails are left bare.

6.Pink winter snowflake


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To make your nails look cuter and warmer during the cold winter days, apply pink and purple colors that will serve as your base. Then, form snowflakes on top of it with a pointed edge of a toothpick or a thin nail brush.

7.Sparkly ombre nude


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Nails with shiny rhinestones are so beautiful. A makeup sponge will be a great help to create gradient color.

8.Orange flower design


Paint your nails in peach color with white and gold flowers to make your nails lively and cute.

9.Black and white puzzle design


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If you love to do puzzles, then this design is really for you. It looks complicated and time-consuming but you need to try this very interesting design.

10.Blue and silver design

cute nail designs-10

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The combination of blue, lightweight blue and silver cosmetic is de facto spectacular. Your nails can appear as if they only came out of the salon with slightly facilitate from a scotch tape.

These square measure our high ten cute nail styles for beginners. strive these styles and add your own creative thinking to them. you’ll be able to combine any patterns you prefer in an exceedingly artistic method. the foremost common styles square measure stripes and dots. If you’re keen on a fairly and romantic look, you’ll be able to strive a floral print. totally different reasonably flowers will boost your day. you’ll be able to strive a wild-chic animal print if you’d prefer to look subtle. Zircos, bows, and beads will provide you with a additional dramatic look. Light pink, coral, blue, and mint square measure good colours to use as you opt the most effective nail styles that square measure right for you.

Nail art is cool however its quality was on the brink of extinction some years agone. Today, decorous manicure styles square measure rising once more in an exceedingly major method with the assistance of salons to create the trend relevant. There square measure several easy styles and you’ll be able to simply choose one from them. Some styles can keep company with individualism and can provide you with a nail art in one swipe. Others have totally different sequins mixed in them and there also are some that contains magnetic properties which will offer your nails a complete san result.

Here square measure some nail style concepts for you to follow:

cute-nail-designs-1Neon is in: as far as the nail polish designs are concerned, it is one of the trends that will surely top this year. It is true that digital prints and neon colors are in. Applying these designs to your nails could add a trendy and funky theme that will suit your mood. It makes a strong statement and looks amazing for any occasion.

                                Source :



Solid with shiny: paint a part of your nail a solid shade of nail polish and the rest in shiny nail polish of the same shade. For a more dramatic effect, keep the design a tad asymmetrical.

Source :


Dots and reverse: paint a couple of your nails a background and add polka dots in another color. Paint two more nails in the second color and polka dots with the second color. Lastly, paint the thumb a solid color to make it more striking.

Source :

cute nail designs-4

Glitter and plain: us a plain color that will serve as a background and add glitters to the tip of the nails. This is a very easy and quick design to make your nails more festive.

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cute nail designs-8


Jewel-like tones: color your nail in a jewel-like tones that will match to your outfit. This is a very simple way to use nail polish effectively.

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cute nail designs-9

Pastel and geometrical: use a pastel shade nail polish as a background then add a geometrical design to every nail for a striking effect.


cute nail designs-10


Hearts and crosses: you need to use a white or plain background to draw a series of heart shapes designs.

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cute nail designs-11


Themes and galore: paint each of your nails in a different design based on the theme or motif with same colors.

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cute nail designs-12


Glitter up the border: add glitter on the moon shaped part of your nail to make it look classy and attractive.


cute nail designs-13


Glow and tribal: purchase a nail polish that glows in the dark and creates a tribal design on top to make it look really good.

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