Top 10 Actors Who Have Auditioned To Play Han Solo

Top 10 Actors Who Have Auditioned To Play Han Solo

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With the recent unleash and success of the seventh Star Wars installment franchise, most are within the fuss and talking concerning the Star Wars’ simple force. even if the motion picture has already finished in several cinemas, the Star Wars hysteria has not died down. Ever since “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has completely received ample fans worldwide, several area unit currently wanting forward to ensuing Star Wars motion picture.

Disney aforesaid early last year that the arrange for a prequel that’s entirely targeted on Han dynasty Solo. Phil Lord and Saint Christopher Miller can direct the motion picture with Jon Kasdan and Lawrence Kasdan as script writers.

The aforesaid prequel are discharged on twenty five could 2018, and therefore the shooting can begin in January 2017. With this news, many folks area unit on the sting of their seat watching for one vital question, “Who can play Han dynasty Solo?”

Since the motion picture can involve a younger Han dynasty Solo and the way he came to possess the lifetime of a contrabandist, outlaw and unwelcome person within the cantina at Mos Eisley, nobody will expect that Harrison Ford can still portray the aforesaid character.

Disney unfolded auditions for a younger version that may play the aforesaid character. several actors, even people who area unit well-acclaimed with their numerous roles in several famed movies and series, went on and auditioned for the role.

As a matter of truth, there have been a pair of,500 actors in total who auditioned to play the young Star Wars character, that conjointly includes these 10 in style actors too. Here area unit they:

  1. Dave Franco

    Dave-Franco330-year-old Dave Franco is that the younger brother of James Franco (actor). Dave was glorious for his films like heat Bodies, currently You See ME, Fright Night, Charlie St. Cloud, and twenty one Jump Street among several others. He was conjointly seen on the ninth season of the TV series Scrubs. This 2016, Dave is ready to be seen as Jack Wilder in currently You See Me: The Second Act. he’s conjointly set for Nerve and Neighbors a pair of. can Dave conjointly magic his thanks to changing into Han dynasty Solo then??

  1. Ed Westwick

    Ed-WestwickHe is a lot of popularly called the enduring Chuck Bass within the immature drama series Gossip woman wherever he compete opposite Leighton Meester’s Anthony Charles Lynton Blair Waldorf. Westwick conjointly appeared in some films like Breaking and coming into, Son of Rambow, S. Darko, house woman, J. Edgar, Romeo and Juliet, and Last Flight. can Westwick tend the prospect to become Han dynasty Solo, as he was given the prospect to become the mighty Chuck Bass?

  1. Aaron Taylor-Johnson


Taylor-Johnson was seen within the 2 installments of Kick-Ass, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Godzilla. His latest film wherever he depicted a rather cool character was the Avengers: Age of Ultron, that he aced as being Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver. regrettable that he died within the motion picture, though. however can Quicksilver’s death be some way for him to portray a a lot of picture and well-known character within the sort of Han dynasty Solo?

  1. Chandler Riggs

    Chandler-RiggsRiggs is associate yankee actor WHO rose to high status by taking part in Carl Grimes within the Walking Dead. He conjointly had many stints below his belt which has the film Get Low wherever he portrays Tom, and therefore the motion picture housebreaking. allow us to see if Riggs also can fight his thanks to being Han dynasty Solo even as he fought for his life once he deals with the zombies on The Walking Dead.

  1. Miles Teller

    Miles-TellerThe 28-year-old actor is well-known for his character Peter Hayes in Divergent. He conjointly asterisked in a number of the good movies like free, 21 & Over, and Fantastic Four. This 2016, 3 of his movies area unit in post-production: (a) The Divergent Series: loyal, (b) Arms and therefore the Dudes, and (c) Bleed for This. can Teller bleed if his heart is torn apart once he cannot get the role?

  1. Colton Haynes

    Colton-HaynesAt 27, Haynes had appeared in notable tv shows like CSI: Miami, Privileged, Pushing Daisies, Melrose Place and therefore the 9 Lives of Chloe King as a guest character. Meanwhile, he was a part of the most solid within the Gates, Look: The Series, Teen Wolf, and Arrow. He conjointly compete opposite Leona Lewis on the latter’s music video, “Trouble”. With Haynes success on tv, can he be ready to build it massive on the massive screen as Han dynasty Solo?

  1. Ansel Elgort

    Ansel-ElgortWith his 1st film, Carrie, discharged in 2013, Elgort had created massive movies even in precisely a brief amount operating within the trade. His notable movies embrace Divergent wherever he plays Caleb previous, and therefore the Fault in Our Stars as national leader Waters. With these movies below his belt, can Elgort conjointly realize the Han dynasty Solo half though there area unit several others vying for it?

  1. Logan Lerman

    Logan-LermanThe 23-year-old Amrican actor is splendidly called Charlie Kelmeckies within the Perks of Being a Wallflower, d’Artagnan within the 3 Musketeers, Ham in patriarch, and as Percy Jackson altogether of Percy Jackson movies. can Lerman get the role of Han dynasty Solo, or become that wallflower instead?

  1. Tom Felton

    Tom-FeltonBritish actor Tom Felton, who is most acclaimed for his role as Draco Malfoy altogether of the Harry Potter motion picture franchise, is additionally on the run to induce the role of Han dynasty Solo. Recently, Felton asterisked in Against The Sun as Tony Pastula, and in tv as Erich Blunt in Murder within the 1st. Now, can the wizarding world facilitate this boy wizard to assert the a part of associate picture Star Wars character? Or can he keep as Draco Malfoy in our eyes forever?

  1. Landon Liboiron

    Landon-LiboironLiboiron could be a Canadian actor who is known for representational process Declan Coyne in Degrassi: ensuing Generation, and as Peter Rumancek in Hemlock Grove, a Netflix original series. He conjointly compete cod technologist within the sci-fi tv series, Terra Nova. can this Canadian actor realize his thanks to high status in Hollywood if ever he gets the most-coveted role of Han dynasty Solo? i’m certain that Liboiron is crossing his fingers currently. Let’s would like him sensible luck.

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