Stacy Keibler shares first picture of baby daughter Ava Grace

Stacy Keibler shares first picture of baby daughter Ava Grace

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Along with the image, Stacy wrote: “Life may be unpredictable. you’re feeling a method, and then…boom! you wish to thoroughly modification your perspective. that’s definitely what happened to Pine Tree State this past year. till I started geological dating Jared, the concept of being married and having a family was ne’er on my measuring device. i used to be simply hoping that the correct love would notice Pine Tree State.

“But when a lucky reconnection with Jared, an exponent WHO clad to be my soulmate, we have a tendency to created a family along nearly instantly. regarding|mention|cite|point out|refer|name|remark|quote|observe|bring up|point out|say|state} a heavy modification in my reality! This year and therefore the season particularly has Pine Tree State feeling therefore homesick about family – my family, my new family, and in fact, the most recent addition to our family.”

The 35-year-old continued to explain baby Ava as her “special very little lady” and expressed her feeling for the new addition to her family.

It has been a windstorm eighteen months for Stacy, WHO finished her relationship with patron saint Clooney in July 2013. many months later she began geological dating 39-year-old Jared, WHO she on the QT married in North American country in March.

The couple solely told their family and friends of the marriage plans on a flight over to the destination. presently after, the newlyweds confirmed Stacy’s maternity with AN Instagram image.

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