Grocers turn to Brighter, Kid-friendly Marketing Techniques

Grocers turn to Brighter, Kid-friendly Marketing Techniques

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In an attempt to bolster fruit and vegetable consumption among youngsters, many grocery stores area unit participating in associate initiative spearheaded by Bolthouse Farms that {produces} the food market produce section a lot of appealing to it age bracket. (1) instead of the construct of fun feeding being relegated to cereal and candy aisles, there’ll currently be a lot of healthy selections taking drugs in stores that area unit kid-focused, designed during a colourful, fun manner harking back to packaging generally found on snacks and sweets.

CEO of large Eagle, Laura Karet, says she thinks the construct of kid-centric destinations in her stores could be a “win-win.” (1)

So far, large Eagle and a number of other Wal-Mart stores area unit on board with the concept, putting in sections in their stores that youngsters are going to be a lot of inclined to gravitate to. for instance, within some brighter, junk food-esque packaging area unit all-fruit smoothies meant to be slurped and carrots with seasoning purposely created to seem like Doritos. The Bolthouse Farms’ vegetable Snackers contain daring seasoning that, once jolted over the carrots, has identical crunch and flavor as chips.

According to Jeff Dunn, Bolthouse chief executive officer, “You’re planning to lick your fingers, and find that very same sensory [experience] you get with salty snacks.”

Why encouraging a lot of fruit and vegetable consumption is very important

Polls have found that, whereas most Americans say they have been attempting to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, they are still having but half what’s being suggested by the govt.. (2)

“I assume the kid-friendly snacking stations area unit associate fully fascinating construct,” same David simply, a activity economic expert at Cornell University World Health Organization thinks that telling youngsters what to eat is not planning to work. “They’re not involved regarding carotene, or what diseases they may get once they are fifty. they are much a lot of within the moment.”

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