10 Small Startups That You Can Build on Your Own Right Now

10 Small Startups That You Can Build on Your Own Right Now

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Having a business of your own is a dream that is very obvious and common everywhere. With the rise of new companies and financing options, the market is flourishing with successful entrepreneurs. That’s right! But you see many ambitious people abandon their dream of building a business just for the funds involved in creating one! We forget to recognize that the idea, if planned and executed well, is strong enough to attract all investments.

Both Facebook and Microsoft started as very small ideas for companies and we all know their destiny in today’s world. The basic idea is to invest your idea and build your own brand from it. There is a market for startups that is constantly evolving with different niches.

Therefore, for anyone who wants to start small but efficiently, here is a list of 10 new companies that you can build on your own according to the current scenario:

1. Blogging/ Vlogging

In the last years of digitalization, this has become one of the most important investments to generate money. The cost involved is as scarce as it can be, but the returns are particularly surprising.

Before starting to blog, one has to invest in a domain name and hosting, while for vlogging on platforms like youtube, there is no money involved. All you need is an experience in any field and the confidence to present it in the best possible way. Bloggers earn through many collaborations and affiliate marketing, while youtube pays its users when they reach a fair amount of participation through the content.

2. Stylist

With the increase in competition among people to be more presentable, personal stylists have a great opportunity in the market. Most individuals strive to maintain a large profile on their screen due to the increased demand for visibility.

The coordination of makeup, hair and dress for the perfect occasion requires expert advice, and expert advice includes money! So show your sense of style and get great customers.

3. Developer

This is one of the most demanding markets if you have the ability to do it! A new application or a website is being developed all the time. From small businesses to public figures and large companies, everyone has an online presence for their brand. Web developers and application developers are, therefore, almost all entrepreneurs “to whom” they come. The investment is void if the knowledge is not counted as one if you already have a good system to back up your codes.

4.Event Planning

Starting with an event management company requires a dedicated human resource with a gift of marketing skills and networks. You could start your office at home before earning enough to expand it.

Event planning has become a necessity in almost every home and office, as it gives people the freedom to enjoy their event without thinking much about it. Event planning is, therefore, a rescue measure that nobody forgets to take.


Are you good at understanding psychology and teaching methods? So this is an exclusive business plan for anyone willing to invest time. There is a need for quality learning methods and a greater understanding of the subjects, be it a school course, music or an art. There is almost no investment in teaching, except for the time spent. And therefore, this is the most profitable business.

6.Professional Photography

With Facebook and Instagram affecting people, the demand for enriching and captivating images has greatly affected people.

People tend to pay large amounts of money for video shots and detailed photographs to capture their big days. As a professional photographer, you have a great demand for large projects.

7. Interior Designing

A dream house is always designed according to the client’s choice. And today, almost all the houses bought include that the client designs his interior well for his comfort. Interior designers with a decent reach in the market are their own business! The only requirement is to understand the needs and use your own creativity to make a profit.

8. Baking

If baking is your passion, it may very well be your profession. Your only big investment is a good oven and then your skills do the magic! If you’re excited about cooking, you can make homemade cakes, muffins, cookies and bakery products.

The market for this has enormous potential, since customers are always experiencing the taste and are looking for the best personalization. By publishing your bakery products online, you can connect directly with your customers and provide affordable solutions according to your brand.

9. Food Truck

The food at an affordable price, and one that satisfies your taste buds never goes out of style. A cafeteria or restaurant is out of budget for most people, but renting a food truck with a good cook is not only modern but also a cheap investment.

Food trucks have been in the market for quite some time and are a great place for food lovers. A food truck also has a mobility advantage and, therefore, is a great business idea that can attract crowds.

10. Travel Agency.

A home-based travel agency would cost very little, since it has to be linked to a host agency. The time is such that most people are planning at least one tour once a year on average. The cost of establishing a travel agency is lower, but the commission obtained is worth more than the investment. It’s one of those carefree businesses in the market!

Each business has its own share of failures and successes. There are many myths associated with starting a new business that you will find yourself with, but you should be careful to get rid of them. You will understand it only when you try. Try something new and you will never know where it might go.

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